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Some Memory Lane Videos...





Here are links to some videos you may find interesting and enjoyable.  Some you may remember from back in the day....   Some will be new to you.....  Just some memories of growing up in Philadelphia....   

Just click on the blue links below, sit back and enjoy the memories!



Miracle on the Delaware

This is a very interesting video, produced by WTPZ in the 1950s.  It depicts Philadelphia in the mid-1950s and is a wonderful trip down Philadelphia memory lane.....    (approx 10 minutes)

Miracle on the Delaware



Philly Photo Show 

There are four parts  to this video taken at the Philadelphia Athenaeum Photo Show October 2009.  This is a video taken at the exhibit, of the displayed photos.  All photos are by local Philly photographer Jacob Stelman, whose career went from 1936 to 1960.  While the video filming itself might not be ideal, the Philadelphia photos are extraordinary.   (approx total time of all videos - 40 minutes)

Philadelphia Athenaeum Photo Show - Part 1

Philadelphia Athenaeum Photo Show - Part 2

Philadelphia Athenaeum Photo Show - Part 3

Philadelphia Athenaeum Photo Show - Part 4



John Wanamaker Christmas Light Show

This 2-part video shows the entire, original John Wanamaker Christmas Light Show, including the Magic Christmas Tree, the dancing waters and narration by John Facenda.  The show continues to this day, now presented by Macy's.  The show has since been revamped.  Gone are the dancing waters and John Facenda's narration (replaced by Julie Andrews).  All light displays have been rebuilt and modernized with LED lights.  While not quite the same as back in the day, it is wonderful that this Philly Christmas tradition continues, thanks to Macy's Department Store.  The quality of these two videos is not the best.  But, they capture the entire original show and will bring back memories to those who remember this show from their youth (as well as, remember the crick they got in their neck watching it!).  A Philadelphia Christmas tradition...       (approx total time - 15 minutes)

Original Wanamaker Christmas Light Show (from 1996) - 1 of 2

Original Wanamaker Christmas Light Show (from 1996) - 2 of 2



Dickens Village

This is a walk-thru video of the Dickens Village display at Macy's Department Store in Center City Philadelphia.  This is a relatively new Philly Christmas tradition, begun at Strawbridge & Clothier in 1977, until its closing in the 1990s.  Thanks to Macy's for keeping this wonderful Philly Christmas tradition alive.......    (approx 6 minutes)

Dickens Village



Enchanted Colonial Village

This is a video taken by a family going through the Enchanted Colonial Village at the Please Touch Museum.  I hesitated putting it up here because it is a family video, as you will see.  But, I decided to go ahead and put it up because it does show all 8 of the currently restored pieces to this village, the details and its intricacies.  There were originally 18 pieces to the Enchanted Colonial Village.  It was built for Lit Brothers Department Store in 1962.  When Lit Brothers closed, the pieces bounced around from museum to storage to museum to storage, until finally ending up at the Please Touch Museum.  As mentioned, of the 18 original pieces, only 8 have been restored.  I don't know if there are plans to restore the other pieces or if they even exist anymore.  There is a very high cost to maintaining these pieces, so it's a thrill that even eight of these pieces are still around, work and are open for display.  Another Philly Christmas tradition....

(approx 3 minutes)

Enchanted Colonial Village



"The Spirit of Christmas" and "Twas The Night Before Christmas"

These Mabel Beaton Marionettes shows were produced by Bell Telephone in the 1950s.  Shown annually back then, usually back to back, it just wasn't Christmas until we saw these classic Christmas shows.  Their simplicity pales greatly in comparison to the advanced graphics of today.  But, that is what makes these so special - their sheer simplicity and the tale they tell.  Shown in the 1950s, 1960s and into the 1970s, they seemingly got lost after that, until WHYY-TV12 in Philadelphia found them and brought them back in the 1990s.  These DVDs can be purchased from WHYY.  A nice memory of Philly Christmas' past....

"The Spirit of Christmas" (the Nativity story)

"The Spirit of Christmas" - Part 1

"The Spirit of Christmas" - Part 2


"Twas The Night Before Christmas"

"Twas The Night Before Christmas"



Willow Grove Park (circa 1960)

For those of us who new and loved Willow Grove Park, here is a video that is sure to be a wonderful walk down memory lane for you.  It is just as you will remember this grand old amusement park, whether you went there in the 1940s,  1950s, 1960s or 1970.     (approx 13 minutes)

Willow Grove Park (circa 1960)



The Thunderbolt (at Willow Grove Park)

Here is a short clip of The Thunderbolt roller coaster at Willow Grove Park.  This coaster was a highlight of the park from the 1930s until it closed in 1975.  This video was filmed in the 1930s, probably around the time the roller coaster opened.  While tame by today's roller coaster standards, this was a wild ride back in the day and a great thrill and memory for many who visited Willow Grove Park.  When there, if an ad shows, click on "Skip Ad" to skip the ad and go directly to the video.   (approx 43 seconds)

The Thunderbolt (at Willow Grove Park) - 1930s



Wildwood - Our Vanishing Past

Here is an excerpt of an NJN documentary on Wildwood, and the vanishing of one thing that Wildwood is well known for --- the 1950s "Doo Wop" motels.  Fortunately, there is a preservation movement in place to preserve the Wildwood motels that remain.  Interesting scenes of Wildwood from back in the day to present...      (approx 5 minutes)

Wildwood - Our Vanishing Past



Philadelphia ZooKey (commercial from the 1950s)

This commercial was produced when the talking story books and "ZooKeys" were first installed in the Philadelphia Zoo in the 1950s.  They were around until at least the 1970s.         (approx 1 minute)

Philadelphia ZooKey (1950s Commercial)



Shibe Park / Connie Mack Stadium

Built in 1908, this was the home of the Philadelphia Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies and for a short while, the Philadelphia Eagles.  Located at 21st & Lehigh Avenue in the Swampoodle section of North Philly, it closed in 1970, then destroyed by fire, then razed.  Today, a church is located on the site.   This ballpark has a lot of memories for alot of folks....

Shibe Park / Connie Mack Stadium



Whitemarsh Hall (also known informally as Stotesbury Mansion)

This was perhaps the grandest mansion ever to have existed in America, to the point of it even being called "America's Versailles".  Located in Wyndmoor, it was built between 1916 and 1921 by wealthy banking executive, Edward T. Stotesbury.  It had six stories (3 above ground, 3 below), over 100,000 square feet, 107 rooms and 45 bathrooms.  It cost over $1 million in 1930 dollars to maintain a year.  When Thomas Stotesbury died in 1938, his widow Eva sold the mansion and it was then used as a chemical research facility until 1963.  From 1963 until it was torn down in 1980, it sat vacant, vandalized and neglected.  It was a popular place for teenagers to hangout and explore the ruins.  Today, a housing development stands on the grounds that was once Whitemarsh Hall.  Many statuary and stone remnants of Whitemarsh Hall remain today, as the development was built around these artifacts.  It is not unusual to find a statue of the old mansion in someone's backyard.   (approx 4 minutes)

Whitemarsh Hall - Part 1

Whitemarsh Hall - Part 2



1950s Memories

For those that grew up in the 1950s, here is a  nice walk down memory lane......  The ad is short, so be patient as the wait is worth it!     (approx 3 minutes)


1950s Memories



Memories of Atlantic City of Old

For those that loved pre-casino Atlantic City of yesteryear, here is an interesting walk down memory lane of this shore resort......      (approx 4 minutes)

Memories of Atlantic City of Old



The Philly Cheese Steak

The Cheese Steak is as synonymous to Philadelphia as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, etc.  Pat and Harry Olivieri are generally credited with concocting in the 1930s what is now a true Philly institution!  Pat Olivieri is the founder of the South Philly landmark, Pat's King of Steaks.  Try as they may to duplicate these sandwiches outside of Philly, they pale in comparison to the true and authenticate Philly cheese steak.  They just don't make the grade.  Only in Philly can you get a true Philly cheese steak....   Here is an interesting video by the Travel Channel on the Philly Cheese Steak....     There will be an ad, bear with it to get to the video.....      (approx 9 minutes)

The Philly Cheese Steak



South Philly landmarks

An interesting video of South Philly landmarks.....  Like Germantown of old, South Philly has a uniqueness, character and vitality that is all its own.....           (approx 3 minutes)

South Philly Landmarks